Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Racism of the day

I emailed our external IT support team to ask them to create a new log-in for an intern. Firstname.Lastname@DayJob.org.uk. The next day, I got a call:

"I think there's a typo in the request you sent - you said her last name was To? As in too?"

Uh, no, that's her real name.

"Oh! Er, right! I just thought I'd check because it's, uh, not a normal name!"

Well, no, it's not Smith, but...


Reasons why I live in London No 39902384.


  1. Hello Hannah!
    I hope you're the Hannah I think you are. If not, COMPLETELY DISREGARD AND IGNORE THIS COMMENT.
    My name is Louise and I hope you know who I am from that alone. What I'm here to say is: SORRY. I'm sorry for all the shit I put you through when we were teenagers. It's only now that I'm coming to the end of my recovery that I can bring myself to face up to the fact that I was both unwell AND an absolute horror to be around. I wasn't diagnosed properly until about five years ago, but since then I've worked really hard to "get over it" etc and I'm even married! I hope you're doing as well as you deserve to be and that you can forgive me for dragging you through my mentalness. No need to reply but if you'd like to, my twitter is looobles xx
    PS feel free to delete!!

    1. Hey, can you drop me an email? hjlastname at gmail. Don't really want to do this in public.