Sunday, 3 March 2013

A guy in a dress

Can we please stop referring to clergymen as "guys in dresses" as a way of dismissing them?

People will complain of the ridiculousness of "being lectured on sexual morality by a guy in a dress," as if gender-nonconforming clothing is inherently immoral. Because, heavens, clearly transvestism is way worse than sexually abusing children, or conspiring to cover up the fact that such abuse is endemic in your organisation!

Of course, that's also what the hopelessly benighted, bigoted fuckwits call trans ladies.

I can only think of one major public figure outside the clergy who fits the bill of A Guy In A Dress, and, honestly? I think he's a pretty good arbiter of our morals.


  1. Yeah, though if we're going to look at moral arbiters, let's not forget this notorious asshole.

  2. yep, ive always been really bothered by that phrase to, especially when some christian bigot is talking about 'the sin of homosexuality' and then a left-winger points out they're wearing a dress 'ha,ha' as if homosexuality and cross-dressing/transvestism/gender expression were in anyway related to being your sexuality. Also Izzard is great.

  3. agreed. i'm always so disappointed to hear that from the left.