Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Thomas from Yes Means Yes sure is smart

This is one of those mind-blowingly brilliant points that seems so obvious once someone else has said it:

The fastest-moving game in the world is “Get Dressed!  My parents are home!”, played regularly but on very short notice by teenagers in much of the world.  I played that game a few times.  Probably, you did, too.  Because of my experiences — the ones where even the most powerful biological urges were subordinated to the cultural necessity of not getting walked in on by parents while having sex — I reject out of hand the cultural tropes about uncontrollable male sexuality.  We govern our passions.  We do when we have to.  When we don’t, it’s because of our perceptions of the risk and reward.  Humans are not entirely creatures of reason, but we are creatures that reason, and our reason, in the short run at least, can overcome our immediate desires.
Go read.

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