Thursday, 9 May 2013

"She forgot to take her medication today!"

I feel like absolute snakepit crap today. All I am capable of is a) gazing at the computer screen, trying to distract myself with pictures of kittens, b) staring blankly at my book, completely failing to take in a word, and c) shovel carbohydrates into my mouth in an attempt to suffocate my amorphous sorrows in a big bready avalanche, while d) trying desperately not to cry.

Which is partly because I haven't had any time to myself for the last four days. Which is partly because I have got drunk every night for the last three days. (I don't really drink usually, so the resulting hangovers are multiplying with each other like little evil bunnies.) Which is partly because, with this disruption of my routine, I have forgotten to take my medication for the last three days.

"She forgot to take her medication today!" is one of those marginally irritating stock phrases that people use without thinking it through. It's used as a lazy joke for any mistake or failing or mildly eccentric behaviour, and honestly? Most days I wouldn't even give a shit. I might register a vague flash of annoyance and observe that the speaker really needs some new material.

Today, though: ha.

"She forgot to take her medication today!" And she feels like she is literally dying. The effort involved in smiling and saying good morning at the same time nearly broke her.

There's a load of other stuff to unpack - the idea that people with mental health issues have a duty to take their meds, that said issues can only be fixed with meds, that people with said issues do such wacky things, lolz! - but the fact that I haven't taken my medication today leaves me entirely incapable of any further rational thought.

This is a problem that can only be solved by several hours in bed, watching David Tennant Doctor Who, with a duvet on my head. And taking my medication every day. As you were.


  1. Oh for fuck's sake, my brain. The title of this just made me remember that I LITERALLY DID forget to take mine yesterday for the second or third time in a week. Fuck's sake, is this self sabotage aaaaaah xx

  2. PS But how do you manage to blog when you haven't taken it? I could never concentrate for long enough to write a blog post at the best of times.

    1. HEY ELLIE REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR MEDS! (Shall we set up some kind of reciprocal text reminder service? Or I guess we could just set alarms, like sensible people.)

      Well, not to get all self-deprecatey, but it's not exactly my best work. xx