Friday, 7 September 2012

They're just so ruddy bloody brave

Dear able-bodied people,

You know how dudes say, "Yeah a girl hit on me once, so I totally understand sexual harassment"?

Or how white people say, "I felt really tall in China so I know what racism feels like now"?

And how that's a little bit annoying?

I'm just saying, there's is never a reason to use the following phrase:
"Four bad bike prangs in 30 years have mangled enough Morrison limbs to give me some slight insight into what it means to be disabled." ~ Richard Morrison, The Times supplement, 7/9/12
No. It hasn't. Trust me.
"The sheer exhaustion, frustration and inconvenience of hobbling around on crutches, or with one arm hanging limp and useless, has only increased my respect for the permanently disabled who do amazing things with their lives."
They're just.. so.. inspiring!

Turns out it's not just Paralympians - sometimes disabled people are Inspiring in other fields!
"[Clarence Adoo, trumpeter] now makes music by blowing into an electronic trumpet, and inspires all who meet him."
Then there's Celeste Dandeker, founder of the Candoco Dance Company, who "bravely resumed her career from a wheelchair"!

Give that Inspiring Inspirational Doesn't-It-Give-You-A-Lovely-Warm-Glow-Inside Inspiration a Norfolk Bravery Award.

In the words of Svetlana from the Sopranos, "That's the whole purpose for people like me. To inspire people like you."

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