Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Capitalism vs Vinegar

Haircut: £0
(Boyfriend + kitchen scissors. Like all first-time amateur coiffeurs, he was painfully tentative at first, wary of snipping even a single strand in case Everything Went Wrong. Twenty minutes later he was merrily wrenching my head from side to side as I bent over the bath, scrubbing my neck with his electric razor.)

Shampoo: Bicarbonate of soda, £2.99/kilo
For short hair, this is a godsend: twenty seconds to rub it in, ten seconds to rinse it out, no need for conditioner. Quite apart from the money, the TIME I have saved!

Cleanser: Apple cider vinegar, £2.50/75cl
Do remember not to spill this on the bathroom floor or you will not be popular.

Telling the industrial-capitalist-patriarchal beauty complex to go fuck itself, even if it's just for one day: Priceless.


  1. hey allama,
    i've been washing my hair with baking soda since march (and my hair was long). i love it. Just got my hair cut super short and it's even easier - but just sayin - it doesn't have to be only for one day! i've got my whole family doing it (even my 12 year old daughter!) Only my 15 yr. old son has been resistant. he keeps finding little bottles of travel shampoo to use. but eventually those will run out. then what will he do?...

  2. That's ace, good for you! I found it didn't work at all on long hair, but mine is super thick. Good luck with your son... He'll see the light soon enough!