Friday, 6 January 2012

Round-up: today in my brain, and elsewhere

A series of unrelated things that have happened since last I graced these pages...

"Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here today blah blah... the state of matrimony, which, according to the laws of the land, is the joining together of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others... blah blah blah kiss the bride."

Haha, no, not me; that would be ridiculous. I went to a friend's wedding on New Year's Eve and spent the entire ceremony pondering the peculiar appeal of weddings (a day dedicated to Your Love, maybe? Public recognition of how awesome Your Love is? Party and presents?) and yet the complete lack of desire I have to get married (why? What's it for? What will be different afterwards? And why will no one tell me why?), and grinding my teeth about institutionalised homophobia. Nice to know I have literally no human feelings whatsoever.

In other news, men do have feelings, and many would trade a year of their lives for The Perfect Body. Happy new year y'all! Also, Happy New "Science? Ha! Why bother doing proper research when you can select a group of respondents of whom over 50% are gym members and pretend that the results will be representative of the entire population!" Year", which bears a remarkable resemblance to 2011.

Not that I like many of the artists officially deemed Bad by this post, but the first thing that sprang to mind? Girls on the left, boys on the right; if it's not girls who are being slated, it's boys who make music girls like. Because girls, euwww, I guess.

Feel like getting really downhearted about the future of humanity? Take a moment to contrast the response to Luis Su├írez's use of a racial slur ("It's a term of endearment in those Latin American countries because the legacy of slavery apparently makes black Uruguayans totally chuffed about being defined by their racial background! You know, like how all women love being addressed as 'babe' by men they're arguing with") and Diane Abbott's fairly fucking basic observation that creating divisions in an oppressed group is a great way to keep them oppressed ("SHE IS A RACCCCISSSSSSST BOOOO! AS A WHITE PERSON I FEEL SO HURTY FEELINGSED!"). And count the number of times people use the phrase "reverse racism". 


  1. Hmmm.. Although I never caught the left/right thing when when I read that buzzfeed article, and I do think your point is a good one... I'd argue about the bands on the left of that page being 'Boys who make music that girls like'.

    Speaking as a girl who likes a lot of music, I have very little use for Creed, BEP, Beiber or Billy Ray.

  2. Okay, maybe Creed was stretching it a bit. And Flo Rida. And... err, but, I didn't meant it's stuff that girls actually like, but stuff that is coded as For Girls. Sarcasm fail?