Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Things I have been doing: watching Torchwood and getting the tube, in roughly equal measure


And how would you know she's a Cyberwoman if it weren't for the tits?

People who use canes are people, but only women look after children.
And how do we know they're women if they're not wearing skirts at all times?


  1. It's obvious you're missing the deeply tragic subtleties of this episode, which was a masterpiece of both science-fiction and high tragedy in the Aeschylusan/Sophoclean style. It had me in tears.

    No, wait, I got it wrong. Torchwood, right? The Cyberwoman episode, right?
    Utter wank. I felt embarassed to have a TV license and spent ten fruitless minutes trying to kill myself with it, until the credits rolled and the compulsion fled me, leaving me weeping and broken. I also soiled myself, I am strangely unashamed to say.

    Russell Davies, you have much to answer for. I'm coming for you.

  2. "Uh, the cyberification process was... interrupted! Yeah, interrupted, weirdly at the exact point when approximately 25% of her body had been covered in a sexy metal bikini!"

  3. Like the way fantasy world armourers are interrupted while making platemail for women, yes. A more suspicious mind might think something seedy and prurient was going on. But not me! No, I'm all for improperly restrained boobage. Which yes, makes me part of the problem.