Monday, 14 October 2013

She's good people

Good people are thrifty.
Good people exercise.
 - Should I buy a gym membership?

Good people are thrifty.
Good people eat healthily.
 - Should I buy Pink Lady apples?

Good people are thrifty.
Good people educate themselves about other cultures, oppressions, and that.
 - Should I buy this book on the experiences of disabled women in the Middle East?

Combine conflicting messages about what Good People do, a love of spending money as befits a good little consumer in a capitalist society, poor impulse control which I can now say isn't my fault as it is a symptom of my disorderly borderline personality, and a desire to only do things that my mother would approve of, and you have the perfect recipe for feeling guilty approximately ONE HUNDRED PER CENT OF THE TIME.

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