Thursday, 24 May 2012

Woah, oh, come take my hand

Please note that this blog has moved to:

Just to fuck with y'all, I'm moving house! My boss, in her mostly delightful quest to help everyone in the office on their journey to self-perfection, gave me a book which she promised would stop me smoking. And it sort of seems to have worked? For the last hour, at least. So now seems a good time not to associate My Online Presence with fags, smoking, and inhaling nictoine, so I'm shutting up shop and moving to

Don't be afraid. Come visit. It's remarkably similar to here, except it's sponsored by Winston Churchill - that cuddly old depressive, cigar-chomper, war-fancier and NHS-opposer. He'd be proud, right?

(Full disclosure: my blog is not sponsored by Winston Churchill and I do not agree with Winston Churchill on anything, as far as I'm aware, including Daleks. I just like his phrase "the old jaw-jaw".)

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  1. He said that thing about depression being like a black dog (cf. Manics) or something. Maybe that's agreeable. Probs not though.