Monday, 6 February 2012

On swearing

The thing I love about English swear words, as opposed to their American counterparts, is the fact that you could never imagine them being uttered as "dirty talk" by a bleached-blonde Barbie-shaped perma-tanned Porn Star™.

"I want you to touch me on the fanny."

"I love your gigantic hairy bollocks."



  1. But but, 'cunt' and stuff are English too?

    1. Oh, ASK me about my feelings on the word 'cunt'! Or don't, because I am far too conflicted to give you a coherent answer.

      'Cunt', for all its controversies, comes from the same glorious gutteral Anglo-Saxon tradition of 'fuck' and 'bollocks' and other words that are really fun to say but not 'sexy' in the limited mainstream conception of 'sexy'. (DAMN this is hard to phrase, given that literally every word in the world is probably arousing to at least one person, including 'anarchosyndicalism', but do you sort of see what I'm incoherently fumbling towards?)

      Putting The Misogyny on the back-burner for a minute (I know, I know...), I see the difference between 'cunt' and 'pussy' as analagous to the difference between 'arse' and 'ass'.