Monday, 12 September 2011

The master's tools appear to be leading you to my house

Yes, it's that time again: time for a fun game of "the weirdest search terms bringing people to give the feminist a cigarette... EVER!"

In ascending order, we have:

3. "explaining the offside rule to women": I'm giving this one the benefit of the doubt, because it led the seeker to my post on one of my favourite misogynist moments of the year to date.
2. "knitting is not feminist", which I disagree with, if memory serves.

And the best? The very besty best? The one which I may frame and hang on my wall, or perhaps knit onto a large multi-faceted object of my own design?

Drumroll please!

1. "Women cannot mentally rotate 3D objects."

Altogether now: "Knit that, motherfucker."

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