Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Be aware... be very aware

Happy Movember! There's nothing like the combination of excellent facial hair and raising money which goes directly to research and support. I don't know, though, doesn't it sound a bit tame...?

SAVE THE BUMHOLES! Come on lads, check your prostate - or I will! Nudge nudge, wink ha! If I had balls,  I'd appreciate them! Save whatever base someone putting their finger up your anus is! Let's all wear brown, like poo, ha ha! Sshhh, don't tell the girls, but let's all post where we like to keep our monkey wrenches on Facebook: "I like to keep mine up the bum!" Let's all post the colour of our colons! That'll raise awareness! Are you aware? I'm aware! But I'm not aware ENOUGH! I must be sexier! Awareness is sexy! Objectifying your prostate is sexy! (Get a load of that, ladies!) Sexy is the only way people will possibly care about life-threatening diseases! Let's make the prospect of you or your loved ones dying fun! Teehee! TEEHEE!

Oh sorry, I thought that's how we approached cancer these days.

Edit: Damnit, I'm late.

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