Thursday, 30 September 2010

A sphincter says, "Twitter?"

Nadine Dorries. MP Nadine Dorries of the "twenty reasons to reduce the abortion limit to twenty weeks" campaign; also, of "Britain will become the ABORTION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD" panic. (As an aside, is all this just to make us feel special again? Enable us to perpetuate the endearing notion that Great Britain remains a Great Power? "Selfish and hedonistic wasteland"! "Geopolitical epicentre of a culture of death"! Stop it, guys, you'll make us blush!)

Sorry, Nadine Dorries, Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire, thinks MPs should not blog. She told us this... on her blog.

She also thinks that Twitter is a greater threat to public health than smack.

And finally, she thinks that using Twitter is a sure sign of committing benefit fraud, inviting the friends of such people to shop them to the DWP.

Now, I could get my fisk on and give you fine people a line-by-line dissection of exactly why she's wrong, out-of-touch, smarmy, irritating, and wrong, but this excellent person has already done that for me. Instead, I wish to point out one thing:

I'm going to have to set up a Twitter account again so that I can check this out for myself!... Not.
 NADINE DORRIES HAS ESCAPED FROM WAYNE'S WORLD. There is no other explanation.

"If you want to restrict abortion access, ban benefits claimants from using the internet, and have a penchant for wince-inducingly 90s phrasing, LET ME SEE YOUR THUMBS IN THE AIR!"


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